Sunday, March 23, 2014

WIP #3

The images which I took for my previous two WIP critiques are very different from this set of images.  My first two sets of images mainly focused on indoor reflections which one may see every day but never realize because they focus on the actual thing which is being reflected or the object which the reflection is in, instead of the reflection.  My previous images also captured a lot of set up scenes to demonstrate how I view things.  This set of images focuses on what I (and many others) encounter on a daily basis, however these photos show how I view the world.  There is not only one way to interact with the mundane objects which fill our lives, a change of perspective while we are walking around can open ones eyes to the beauties of the world.  For example when i see the first image bellow, I see the lights reflecting in the oily asphalt and the cone's reflection in the puddle.  I believe the majority of the world would look at this photo and see a picture of a cone, my aim is to show my viewers a change in perspective which may allow them to see objects they think of as ordinary in a new and beautiful/exciting way. 

Here are the 6 images which i focused on

Here are additional images which i also wanted to add to my WIP #3

(The image above really inspired me and i plan to take many others like it.  This image helped me decide what I am trying to get across with these set of images and I plan to explore the theme more.  Every one has told me that my learning disability is a negative/bad/ wrong thing but i don't see it that way.  Seeing things in a different way is not a disability or handicap, it is merrily a change in perspective.  This photo helps me see that idea and explain it to my viewers.)

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  1. This set of images are beautiful and have such an amazing concept behind them. I, myself, have put my life towards seeing things through a different perspective in every event I am a part of and looking at these photos helps me realize that it is not a bad thing. Sometimes, it is helpful because you are able to open your mind to greater possibilities than you could have imagined. I love the colors of each image, the contrast, many darker lighting which is captivating, mysterious and beautiful all at once, the reflection of each image had its own dynamic aspect which makes the image so unique and I find that so moving. Well done, I look forward to more of your work.